MeNPOC or [R,S]-1-[3,4-[methylene-dioxy]-6-nitrophenyl]ethyl chloroformate)


CAS number: Not listed, 
EINECS Not listed
Hixia Product Code H1044 

In the last five years the number of applications being put forward for DNA microarrays (chips) has expanded enormously, an explosion chiefly being fuelled by the vast potential that these tools have for gene analysis, diagnostics, drug discovery, and pharmacogenomics.

MeNPOC or [R,S]-1-[3,4-[methylene-dioxy]-6-nitrophenyl] ethyl chloroformate) is a versatile photo-labile blocking group. MeNPOC is currently manufactured by Hixia Custom Synthesis in kg quantities and the material produced is primarily used in phosphoramidite chemistry e.g. in-situ DNA synthesis on oligonucleotide arrays. 

We also stock piperonyl alcohol precursor.